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Selective Sharing – Why You Don’t See All Of Me

Hey everyone, yet again I’ve abandoned this site for a solid month while I got overwhelmed with life things which took me away from writing… sorry!

There were so many times my brain would be like “stop it, you need to write a post, start writing now, think, think, think” but I was like “nope, sorry, girl’s gotta live.” And looking back I realized there are quite a few things I do in my life outside of social media that I don’t share.

And that’s something I think is important for myself, and maybe a few others too.

There are people who can blog daily, post 18 Instagram photos in an hour, work 3 jobs, and share every.single.detail. of there lives with their followers.While I certainly don’t condone those who are super active on social media, I can definitely say I am not one of those people!

Truth be told, I’m actually extremely private and quite introverted. My Instagram account for fitness shows my diet and exercise habits, throwing in #ShamelessSelfies for good measure (haha!) I rarely go beyond that realm of my life.

So why am I so selective? Why do I even bother? Trust me, I’ve asked myself these questions and there are a few reasons behind my selective sharing.


I Need To “Just Be” – Earlier I said I’m more of an introvert, and I’ve been this way forever. While I love sharing my active lifestyle with others, there is a need for me to be removed from social media and just live my life. No photos, no notifications, no witty captions…just living.

I’m Not Always Happy – I’m not immune to feeling depressed, having anxiety, or being hard on myself for one reason or another. Not that I want to make people think there are no problems in my life, I choose to keep my account in a positive light because it can help me look back and see the good that has happened.

I Just Want To Motivate – The number of followers, likes, shares, comments, etc, isn’t my focus when I make a post. Albeit it’s nice when someone likes my posts, and I’ve been fortunate to meet really fantastic people through social media that I would never come across otherwise, but I’m not actively looking to gain a massive amount of followers. If my account posts help just one person make a switch in their diet/start training/etc, then I’m a happy lady.

I Like Quiet Accomplishments – Yes I will share when I’m successful with a heavy lift or complete a challenging run, because it’s fun to celebrate with people who understand that kind of thing. But there are goals I make for myself that I don’t share with my entire following, and when I complete them I celebrate personally…it’s fun too!



So that’s the long and short of it. I enjoy sharing with everyone, but only selectively, and in return I also love enjoying my personal life…personally 🙂

How active are you on social media? Do you have an all or nothing attitude with what you share? Do you filter yourself at all? I’m curious about others perspectives so comment below!



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