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Post Holiday Post

First off: Happy New Year! I hope the holidays were good to you and that you got much needed R&R.

Right now we are coming down from the big bang of the Christmas season. Whether you took part in different parties, or were baking your favorite treats for this time of year, it’s likely you may have went a little too far with the celebrations.

This is also the time where we start to be bombarded with ads and images about making resolutions and being made feel remorse for all the fun we had just a few short weeks ago.


Personally, I am NOT a resolution maker, and I talked about it here. To be honest I don’t really like the idea of resolutions. While I appreciate the idea of a new year, a fresh start/clean slate, I simply don’t think we need to wait for the calendar to change to start anew.

My thoughts are, be it January or May:

Make goals. Make Plans. Dream big.

Go for it.

If there is something you want to tackle, make a plan to get it done!

For myself, I’m aware that I want to run at least two half marathons in 2017. I don’t need to know all the information on January 1st, but I will spend the time over the next few weeks researching where/when races are being held, and if I can prepare myself in time for them.

As far as my diet, I’m aware that I need to add more variety to my eating habits, and thanks to my husband who got me a new cook book, I’ve already been making new tasty things instead of my standard meals.

I have non fitness related goals as well that I make note of, and will start devising ways to get everything done that I hope to.

You don’t need to wait for a new year, a Monday, or a different season in order to accomplish something. Every day you wake up is a chance to work toward whatever goals you have in mind.


Are you a resolution maker? What do you hope to accomplish in the year ahead? Share your intentions with me!






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