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Wally Rodd 10K Recap

This past weekend I took part in the 21st annual Wally Rodd Run in Charlottetown. It was the 21st annual run but only the first year I even knew about it. I found it online and signed up a few days after the PEI Marathon because I was bummed about not having a running goal and wanted to ride the runners high as long as I could.

Here’s the thing though… I NEVER run on Saturday (that’s my rest day), I NEVER do “fun runs”, and this was COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone.

And those are the exact reasons that pushed me to sign up anyways.


I was really impressed with the crowd for this run! With over 250 people taking part in 5K and 10K run/walk, there was lots of energy and big smiles.  Luckily race morning was clear and sunny, albeit chilly at only 3 degrees.

The route was a basic in and out, with a turnaround point halfway for each distance. It takes participants from the downtown core, through Victoria Park (waterfront), and quiet neighborhoods with beautiful homes. There were a few people out cheering which was so nice, and the support from other runners was really encouraging as well.

Victoria Park, PEI

My cousin, who just finished her cross country season with UPEI, was also taking part in the 10K event and we actually ended up running the entirety together 🙂 It was SO MUCH FUN! Neither of us were expecting to be quick, but the time passed and we kept such a great pace, that by the end we just gave all we had and crossed the finish line together with a new personal best for each of us!

My watch read 49:55.5 and chip time was 50:01..over a minute shaved off my previous best!

Running with a partner was a great way to stay motivated and help each other when it felt tough. We talked a lot at first which also burns a lot of energy, so saying I’m “impressed” with how well we did is a total understatement.

Post Run Smiles!

Overall this was a great event that was very well organized, and I will mark it on my calendar for next year as well.

I’m considering this my official end to the running season, as I’ll be doing purely “leisure” runs from here on out. This made for a great finale, and I celebrated with some treats and a bit of wine to top it off 🙂

Do you race in the Winter?

What events do you plan to take part in this Winter?

Good luck to everyone who still have events in 2016!!


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