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The Road To 26.2 -Almost Crunch Time!

With only 11 days to go until the PEI Marathon I’m on the verge of “crunch time!” Each day that passes brings me closer to the start line, and also closer to losing my mind. I’m only sort of joking but admit it’s hard to stay focused and ignore the fact that it’s almost time to run my first marathon, and my longest run ever!

The past couple of days have sprung some issues, and though they’re minor ones, it’s still annoying.

My left hip flexor is extremely tight, and though it hasn’t stopped me from running completely, I definitely feel it at the start of my runs, and have adjusted other training moves (like lunges and squats) to avoid hurting it more.

I have dealt with piriformis pain in my right hip before and it’s flared up occasionally over the last week. Again, I’m not worried about it as it’s not something that will keep me from running, but it’s frustrating having these things pop up so close to race day.

Piriformis Stretch – Opens the hip and also helps relieve sciatica related pain.

Finally, my lower right calf was sore after my weekend run. I blame the amount of hills I endured, as the pain was gone after a couple of days. Anything ankle/achilles related freaks me out due to my injury earlier in the season, but fortunately this didn’t get worse!

Typical Rest Ice Compress Elevate (R.I.C.E.) This reduces inflammation too.

All in all, I’m really just super thankful for being able to go after this goal considering the injuries with my ankles and not thinking I’d be able to run at all. The body is an amazing machine! The training, the aches and pains, the stress we enforce, and yet it’s always worth it when you cross the finish line or reach the goal you set out for.

This week I’m finishing my strength training program, doing shorter runs, and putting more focus on stretching. I have one more massage before race day, and then relaxing for the long Thanksgiving weekend.


For all my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday, get some rest, and show your body some love for all it does for you!


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