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*NEW* My 1st W.I.L.L.

Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well and you’re geared up for the first weekend of Fall (where has the time gone!?!) I’m closing out training this weekend with my final long run and am looking forward to some shorter distances to give the legs a rest.

I’m switching gears a bit with this post, but hear me out.

Since I do more than just eat and workout (it’s true!) I wanted to start a new series of posts regarding things I am loving at the moment…or even things I’ve been loving for a long time and want everyone to know about.

So this is the first installment of my W.I.L.L.

AKA “What I’m Loving Lately.”

I’m going to feature products from every aspect of life including general fashion, athletic fashion, food/baking products, beauty finds, etc. I love testing new things and in doing so I find things I can’t live without.

For this first post I’ve chosen three items that are all new to me, but I hold them close and love each one, take a peek!

~What I’m Loving Lately – Part One~


#1) PURE ARGAN OIL – As someone who loves the sun (and yes I know it’s terrible for your skin, save me the lecture)  I do try and be more attentive to my exposure and how I treat my skin overall. I found this at Sephora for only $20 (CAN). I use it each morning and evening after cleansing my face and it is to help with fine lines and brighten your skin.

Processed with Snapseed.

I didn’t take pics to show, but I can honestly say this stuff works! My face looks brighter without makeup, and around my eyes feels very refreshed. You only need 4-5 drops for your entire face, it doesn’t feel sticky (you wear makeup over it), and it helps hydrate those skin cells. A simple way to give your skin a little extra TLC. (Link here)

#2) CLIF ENERGY SHOTS – When it comes to long runs/endurance activities, hydration and nutrition are KEY. You need to be giving your body consistent fuel to keep up with the large demands of the workout.


 These shots give you the carbohydrates necessary to fuel endurance activities. They aren’t watery like a drink so you can take a bit to chew , or swallow straight. I take half the packet at a time (about 25 minutes apart) and they don’t bother my stomach. Everyone is different, but I definitely suggest giving these a go. The taste is sweet but not sugary, and the texture is close to a mashed banana. Check them out here.

#3) LULULEMON SPEED SHORTS – These shorts are a-maz-ing! I am a lover of spandex type shorts, and still am, but for marathon training I wanted to try something new. Reviews were always good about these shorts, so I took the leap and bought a pair.


They don’t ride up, don’t cause chaffing, and sit very comfortably around the waist. Those are 3 MAJOR factors when looking for active wear, especially when you’re on the road for 3+ hours. Even better, I can lift in them too, so they won’t just sit waiting to be worn in warmer weather. Very happy with these and will most likely start a new collection. Visit lululemon.com to see sizing and prices.

Hope you enjoy these product finds and reviews! I am NOT endorsed by anyone to do this, I simply like to share what works for me, and hopefully it helps someone along the way.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back with a running update soon 🙂




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