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Time Off To Live

Have you ever had a million things to do but can’t seem to get them done?

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! In this thing called life I often put things on the back burner. Unfortunately I don’t have the time I want to have to write weekly posts, create delicious new recipes, clean my house, make crafts, go to work, train for running, etc, etc, etc…We all do this in different ways and areas of our lives, and it’s not that we don’t care about something, it’s that we care about other things a little more.

I actually feel like there are so many things I want to talk/write about here that it’s the opposite of writer’s block. It’s as though my thoughts are colliding with each other, all of them trying to escape my head at once, and I can’t separate the themes and topics in an orderly way to put together a coherent post. I end up with a page of scattered words without a true sentence.


So this post is about stepping back. Evaluating.

My husband and I took a little escape recently to Nova Scotia where we had no itinerary for four whole days. Imagine! No passports needed, no flights to arrange, just book a cabin, drive there, and enjoy. And that we did. We shopped, toured around, met great friends for dinner, and we brought our princess pup too which made it so special.

Road Trip Time!

My one constant was running (who’s surprised ?!?) I have no issues letting my diet go a little cray cray for a vacation, but when it comes to training, I cherish getting my time in. An added bonus is that traveling usually allows me to explore new areas and Nova Scotia has LOTS of beautiful look-outs! The landscape here was beautiful!

Shad Bay, Nova Scotia


Running also gives me a chance to evaluate/reflect on different things, and it was during a run that this post came to life.

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

I realized that taking a step back from trying to accomplish everything under the sun is necessary. It may not be easy, especially if you’re an over achiever like me who wants to do as many things as possible each day. But that is exactly why you must step back, rest, and have some fun. What’s the point in doing all the things if doing them isn’t any fun? (Mind you laundry isn’t getting any funner, but I think/hope you get the point there!)

Blogging more frequently is certainly a priority for me, but right now I’m enjoying the rest of this gorgeous weather we are graced with, continuing my running training, and keeping up with my Instagram (I LOVE Instagram and being able to share quick snippets of my training and diet so easily with so many people!)

Come find me and follow along!

Once the cold snap comes I’ll be mixing up a few things in the kitchen and plan to have some yummy dishes to share with you all. Until then I’m going to settle for doing what I can, when I can, and make the most of what’s left to this season.

If you’ve got blueberries kicking around, I highly suggest you try my muffin recipe here

I’ll leave now and continue with the next thing on my list 😉

If there’s a topic you’d like touched on let me know! Questions? Drop them below!


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