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The Road To 26.2 – Rehabbed and Ready

My last update (here) ended with me getting started with run/walk intervals.

Many people told me I would be surprised with how quick progress would come, and that I’d be back to running like myself in no time, but I didn’t believe them. My first run/walk session was 30 minutes and I was sore for three days afterward, I really thought it was going to take another month just to feel normal.

Well, I was wrong! I’m now in my third week of hitting the road and no longer need walking breaks! If you follow me on Instagram (@missfitmartha) you would have seen this post:


It’s not easy, but there’s no point getting discouraged about not being where you once were. After not running for a month, I was embarrassed over how difficult I found running to be. Then I remembered the fact that I couldn’t even walk the month before so things weren’t looking so bad!

I wanted to share my rehab to running in case anyone reading this is currently on the sidelines, and to show the gradual process that it is. Mine went like this:

Session 1) 30 minutes with a 3/2 split (run 3 min, walk 2 min)

Sessions 2 & 3) 40 minutes at 3/2 split.

Sessions 4 & 5) 40 minutes 4/1 split

Session 6) 45 minutes 4/1 split.

Session 7)  6K with a 1 minute walk at the 3K point.

*All of the sessions listed above were done on flat roads/trails. 

My first run with hills was last evening and it went really well in regards to pain, but I was definitely tired by the end! A total of 7K with no walking and 3 hills.

Average Pace Is On Point!

Though I’m not free to go run 20K at the drop of a dime, my distance is creeping up and my pace is very close to my average runs. All in all, things did move quicker than I anticipated, and my post run issues of swelling and ankle pain have diminished (so far). Those are things I’ll have to keep an eye on as I increase distance, but it’s looking good!

As far as running the marathon in October…I really haven’t decided! I will definitely be doing the half marathon, but I’m going to enjoy the training I can do until the end of September and then make my decision!

For now I will enjoy the time I have to get out to run and soak up the beautiful views around this Island.

Fort Amherst National Historic Site


HUGE thank you to everyone who has followed this little journey of mine.

It’s not over yet, as I’ll likely have at least 1 more update before “the big day,” but I appreciate your supportive comments and interest.

Move forward and don’t forget to smile!



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