The Road to 26.2 -Lacing Up

July 30th marked my first run/walk so I figure it’s about time for update number three!

Since my last update (here) I’ve had blood work, X-Rays, and more physio sessions. Nothing came up in my blood work or X-Rays, therefore the cause of my injury is (simply) overuse. I felt an enormous amount of relief after talking with my doctor about the results of the tests. I had concerns regarding arthritis/gout/fractures, and there’s no worries about any of that-wahoo!

Thanks to stronger anti-inflammatories swelling decreased tremendously and the physiotherapist recommended I start run/walk intervals to start testing the waters.

Finally Seeing My Ankles Again!

I was extremely nervous lacing up my sneakers after 27 (!) days off running. My split was 3 minutes run, 2 minutes walk, and I repeated that six times. There was no pain, though my left Achilles felt tight, which was expected. I did an ice soak immediately post run as that helps reduce any inflammation which may be building.

Pre-Run Jitters and Post Run Icing

It felt amazing to be back on the road. Even though I couldn’t go as fast as I’m used to, it was nice to just do what I love to do most-run! For the first time in at least 3 years I was actually SORE the day after a run! I did an easy bike ride the day after and will continue the 3/2 split this week before inching up to 5 minute run intervals.

Being on my feet a lot over the weekend did cause some swelling in my right ankle, but there’s no pain so that’s a good sign. As long as I keep on top of mobility, post run recovery, and the pain stays away, there’s no reason for me to not attempt longer running sessions.

This injury has certainly put a lot of things into perspective regarding mental focus, positive thinking, and appreciating what my body does for me. It may not be my year for a marathon, but I’m not focusing on that as of yet. This month will be all about gaining distance, building speed, and staying pain free. Progress is progress, and I’ll take what I can get!


Until update number four: 

Focus on the present and enjoy the moment!


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