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The Road To 26.2 -Hitting 3 Points

Like most roads on Prince Edward Island, my road to the marathon is full of potholes!

All jokes aside, it’s been less than 2 weeks since my last post on this marathon journey and a lot has been going on.

To keep things simple, I’ve picked three points to highlight from the last 10 days:

Getting professional help, my weight and diet, and my mental state.

I feel these are important to touch on because if you’ve suffered an athletic injury, you know that recovery can take a while. The process is going to weigh on you physically and mentally, and I’m no different.

Seeking Help: 

Things went from bad to worse in only a few days, and it became obvious I was going to need more than ice and a foam roller. My ankles ached and my feet were so swollen, that walking was pretty near impossible. 

My first stop was to a massage therapist who used cupping and flushing techniques, and helped relieve the soreness in my leg muscles and back caused by tensing from my aches/pains. Swelling eased slightly, but my ankle joints were very warm. 

Six days later I met with a physiotherapist who tested the flexion in my feet (hint: it was not good). She did acupuncture after my assessment, and assured me running is in my future this season, but we’ve got to figure out what’s going on within my ankles. 

I revisited Physio two days later for more acupuncture and they used ultrasound therapy on my left Achilles and right ankle to aid in reducing inflammation in those areas. I’m happy to say my Achilles are looking much better and aren’t as red or swollen as they had been!

Weight & Diet:

Since I’m not lifting heavy or running, my exercise regime has quickly dwindled. Moving less means I’m burning fewer calories and therefore don’t need to consume as many. This is fine, except there are times where the pain is very extreme, and I can’t eat at all. The result has been many days of very low amounts of food, and a loss of about 5lbs within two weeks. I’m far from happy about this as I can tell I’ve lost mostly muscle and water weight. My body just doesn’t feel the same to me. I miss my appetite! 

Since health is first priority I still eat salads and fruit, but I simply don’t have the appetite most of the day and therefore rely on high calorie items to get more fuel into my body. 

It’s not ideal, but I’ll opt for calorically dense food over nutritionally dense food because I need to consume more calories overall (i.e. A doughnut with 200 calories instead of a pear with 80 calories). 


Balance is always key, so most days include fruit smoothies, salads, lean meat with vegetables, and some sort of high calorie “junk food.” Unless I gain a bunch of weight doing this, it likely won’t change. 

State Of Mind

It’s definitely been a roller coaster ride emotionally and mentally as there have been days where I’m uber confident about running, and then days I fear I’ll never walk again. 

There have been sobbing meltdowns in the bathroom as I soak my ankles in ice water to reduce inflammation, and there have been times I’ve laughed hysterically as my husband piggy backs me around the house.

Here’s the thing.

Fear is normal.

Sadness is normal.

Panic is normal.

There is nothing wrong with those reactions. You have to accept your situation and how it makes you feel, but you do NOT have to submit to those negative reactions and ignore the possibilities that exist. 

I can sulk everyday and refuse to see the changes that have happened over the last week, or I can focus on the fact that there have been changes, albeit minor ones, but things aren’t getting worse. 


 This frame of mind takes work and I’m fortunate for my husband who has helped me realize that you can have negative times and still have a positive life.

The week ahead consists of two Physio sessions, a massage, and a meeting with my physician to get a better understanding of what’s going on within my ankle joints. The fluid that made my feet swell has decreased about 90% thanks to compression socks, and I continue to bike, foam roll, ice wrap, and ice soak each day.

It takes a while to get going, but I’ve been biking near every day, and haven’t had any additional pain from doing so. 



Until my next update, thank you for following me on this escapade, and make sure you take time to enjoy the little things! 



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