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The Road To 26.2…First Month Recap

As I sit here with my ankles wrapped in KT Tape, and rested on a bag of frozen peas, you could say my journey to the marathon isn’t going so well.

You’d be right.

Though I started very strong, the last week of June brought a great amount of stress with the unexpected loss of our dog, too many sleepless nights, and an exhaustion I haven’t felt for quite a while.

But I didn’t help things either.

I’m a stubborn person, especially when I have a routine. Looking back, I should have taken a break from running and strength training while coping with the loss of our dog,but I went all out instead. I ran a total of 117 kilometers in June…that’s a lot for me!

After pushing so hard I hit a wall and my body simply decided to REALLY make me listen to what it needed.

I woke up the morning of my birthday (ironically my 30th) extremely fatigued and sore, but figured I was just tired from a crazy week. I went about my day and enjoyed it, but once the evening came I was done.

The next morning I couldn’t walk…seriously.

My ankles were stiff and swollen, and I had to shuffle to the bathroom. I saw that my Achilles were red and swollen, and my ankles couldn’t bend.

I spent the next 4 days icing, foam rolling, and massaging my feet/Achilles, and was able to use my indoor bicycle while doing upper body workouts.

This past Saturday I was walking more normal and Sunday I was able to walk upon waking. I felt really great and did a 4 mile run, then an 8 mile bike. There was no pain in my Achilles during this time. That was followed by more foam rolling/icing/massaging, and I thought the worst was done.

Not so fast!

Monday went off without a hitch, but come evening time my feet were feeling tight again.

Tuesday morning I was right back to the pain I experienced the week before. I couldn’t see my ankle bones, and walking was almost impossible. Luckily I had the afternoon off, so I did more rolling/icing, and read up on how to overcome this.

Fortunately the pain dissipated by evening, and I biked for an hour, followed by mobility work and icing. Though the symptoms have subsided (again) I’m in no hurry to hit the road. I’m taking the rest of the week off running and will see how things improve.
While I feel a lot of anxiety and a bit depressed about not being able to run, it is vital that I focus on what I CAN do. This includes indoor biking, strength training (limited low body work), and giving my body rest!

There are 15 weeks til race day, so even missing 3 weeks won’t set me back too badly. If I rush things I could potentially rupture tendons,tear my Achilles, and be in surgery instead of the start line of the race.

I didn’t expect this journey to be easy, and as of today I’m still NOT backing out.

I will cycle more than I run this month, but that is still better than not being able to move at all.

Until my next update, stay happy and stay positive! 
Have you experienced anything like this? Share your stories and any tips, I’d love to hear from you!


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