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Be Prepared: Baking Essentials

If you’ve been following my food adventures at all, you may notice I use a lot of similar ingredients in my recipes. For the most part I’ve found what works best for creating the textures I want to achieve in everything I make.

With that said, I’ve decided to create a list of the most popular items kept in my pantry and fridge, and why I use them.

As time goes on I’ll add to this list and keep you all updated! For now, here’s the basics for making the majority of the recipes you’ll find on this site….specifically the snacks, cause snacking is my favorite activity of all 😉


Almond Flour – Higher in fat than regular flour, this offers a great texture and helps add moisture to recipes.Baking Essentials

Coconut Flour – Great flavor, and you don’t need a lot to taste it! This is a very absorbent flour, so I don’t normally use large amounts.

Oat Flour – Similar to an all purpose white flour, this is simply made from rolled oats ground to a very fine texture.   Also used for gluten free recipes.

Spelt Flour– A higher protein flour option, and also wheat free. Large amounts aren’t needed because it can get too dry or tough to work with.

Protein Powder (Various Flavors/Brands)- Great to add flavor and increase your protein in baked goods and pancakes. Lots of options available for lactose intolerance, vegan diets, or gluten sensitivities.

Occasionally Used: The following are used sparingly in my baking, but I still keep them on hand.

All Purpose Flour Mix– Bob’s Red Mill brand offers a great mix that I enjoy using for pancakes. Same as a white flour, but is gluten free 🙂

Rolled Oats– I like using oats in recipes made in my food processor (ie: protein balls). You can purchase wheat free oats, regular oats, or gluten free certified.

Buckwheat Flour– Gluten free, higher in fibre, and offers a nutty taste.

PROTEINS:Baking Essentials

Egg Whites– No fat or cholesterol, but help create high protein recipes without any “extras”

Greek Yogurt– Help to thicken batters, offer high amounts of protein, and I usually use fat free plain to avoid high amounts of sugars.



FATS:Baking Essentials

Nut Butters– Bind ingredients, add flavor and moisture. Most commonly used are peanut butter, almond butter, and coconut butter.

Regular Butter– Higher in fat, but way more desirable than margarine or shortening (no plastic in my recipes, thanks!)

Eggs– Bind flours together, add moisture, aid in the rising process, and a protein source too!


Baking Essentials


Agave– Good for vegan friendly recipes, and I prefer it over the thickness of honey.

Honey– Still a viable option over sugar, just a lot thicker to work with.

Stevia- No added calories or sugar, but offers a natural source to sweeten things up.



Almond Milk– I normally use unsweetened to avoid unnecessary calories. Also a great option for people sensitive to cows milk.

Bananas– Add moisture and naturally sweeten recipes, while adding banana flavor.

Applesauce– Again, I normally go with unsweetened to avoid extra sugar. This is great for adding moisture to a recipe without an overpowering taste.

Flax Seed– Gluten free, boost fiber content, and provide omega 3 fatty acids.

Baking Essentials







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