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The Final Countdown…PEI Marathon Week!

It’s been a long while since I wrote any sort of update with recipes/training/etc, and with only four days remaining until the PEI Marathon, I figured now would be a good time to make a post!

At this point runners should be finishing their last week of tapering. Although I know how important it is for the shorter, less intense runs, a big part of me is craving a long run and nervous for it at the same time! I’ll be participating in the half marathon for the 4th time, and am excited to cap off a long summer of running with this event.

The past two weeks have entailed my usual upper and lower body strength training, with flat runs ranging from 6 to 8 kilometers. I did run 15K this past weekend which was probably too long, but it felt good and I don’t think it will hinder my performance this weekend.

As far as diet goes, I’ve been staying the course with meals I’m used to (no new foods for me!), and enjoying my usual “treats” of cookies, chocolate and lattes, balanced with lots of salads, lean proteins, and complex carbs.


half marathon diet

I’m paying a little more attention to different aches and pains I’ve “earned” this season and spending extra time foam rolling and stretching. Specifically my IT bands and hip flexors have been tighter, but my right hamstring is feeling decent after a few rough weeks of pain with it. All in all, there’s nothing serious that will keep my from participating!

I wish every participant a restful week with lots of positive thoughts going into Sunday. The weather (so far) looks very promising with no chance of rain, and hopefully low winds as well!

There will be an update here next week with my experience, and possibly a new kitchen creation as well, stay tuned!





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