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What Gets You Moving?

It doesn’t matter if I’m running or working out at home…MUSIC drives me!

Music helps me focus to knock out an extra kilometer, and a good beat can help me push harder to finish in better time.


My playlists include everything from Snoop Dogg to Black Eyed Peas, I have no shame for what I like to listen to!

Here’s my latest Top 10 Most Recently Played on my iPod

1- Enrique Iglesias “Bailando”

2- Snoop Dogg “Who Am I”

3- Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk”

4- Jessie J “Burnin Up”

5- Bruce Springsteen “Cover Me”

6- 5 Seconds of Summer “What I Like About You”

7- Kanye West “Stronger”

8- Down With Webster “Whoa Is Me”

9- Iggy Azalea “Beg For It”

10- Jessie J/Ariana Grande/ Nicki Minaj “Bang Bang”

What are some songs on your playlists? I’m always looking to update my music, so comment below!


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