The Blogging Starts Now!

Apologies for being MIA the last while! It’s partly due to a busy summer, partly from being lazy, but mostly because I realized a few things that need changing.

While my first intentions for this site were to be blogging, I now see it’s more like an online recipe box, and I want to change that.

While I do love to eat (which I think is pretty clear) I feel it’s time I started sharing more of my fitness journey and enthusiasm for an active life, as well as day-to-happenings. These posts will be featured on my Instagram (@missfitmartha) and listed under the “Missfit Ramblings” tab.

Moving forward, I still intend to share my food creations and new recipes/meal ideas, but I also want to engage my readers in the whole lifestyle that I live. So from food to workouts to every day ponderings, I want to turn this BACK into a blog rather than a food website.

I’ve grown to love this little space in the Internet that I’ve created and I really hope to continue on with this and make it bigger and better as each year goes by. I thank all of my current readers and followers because it is your support that motivates me to not simply delete my account. I encourage you to share this site or posts I make with others to inspire them and spread some motivation.


I’m currently enjoying the summer weather and half marathon training so a new post is in the works regarding my running and nutrition. I’ll post an update with these things and share how the experience is going in the very near future!

If there is content or a recipe you would like to see, drop me a line, I’m always up for a challenge!

Here’s to moving forward each and every day! XO


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