Refined Layout, Updated Recipe, and NEW Recipes!

Well sir it has been a busy couple of weeks around here! I’ve neglected my blog posts due to a lack of ambition to cook in the heat, coupled with a few birthday celebrations and housekeeping duties to tend to (my hubby and I could almost pass for professional landscapers now ha!)

This pic of my dog pretty much sums up how I felt in the heat…


Finally though, I buckled down and fixed a few things on my site:

First off, I made it easier for you to find recipes. Instead of the endless scrolling you had to do before, you can now click on “Fit Recipes” on the menu bar, choose what category of recipe you’d like, and then just click on the title of any recipe you’d like to see (you’re welcome!)

Second: I updated the recipe for my oh-so-good Fit Friendly Chocolate Muffins The first version was good, but I found after 2 days you had to heat them up in order for them to be chewy. I added a few things, and took away another, and now they are just right!

Third: I added two NEW recipes! One is an easy summer time meal you can find here and the other is a perfect way to end your meal…with dessert! You can find that here

So now we are all caught up! I hope you are enjoying summer wherever you live, but especially here in Atlantic Canada where it only lasts about 6 weeks….seriously! Soak up the sun, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to pause and revel in the beauty summer brings.


^ Perfect isn’t it?!? Much love, xo



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