Winter Running Tips…

I’m not a fan of snow, freezing temperatures, icy roads, or needing 30 layers of clothing just to walk outside….but I do like to run.

And how can you stay inside when views like this await?

Winter Wonderland      Winter Wonderland 02

So, how does one run outside in the Winter months without risking injury? There are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Dress For It: Layers are your best option because you can remove them as needed. Once you start warming up, you want to make sure sweat isn’t sitting on your skin as it will start to cool. You want to be warm (obviously) but avoid dripping sweat through your layers. Be sure to include fabrics that wick sweat off your body.

2) Be Bright: Make sure you wear reflective/bright clothing. Driver’s are usually focused on the road (especially if they’re icy) and don’t expect to see someone running. Even during daylight, make sure your wearing something that stands out.

3) Slow Down: If you’re like me, Winter isn’t training season, therefore I’m not worried about running my best pace..I just want to run! Don’t expect to break records running on snowy roads. Slow your pace a bit and take your time. A lot of traction is lost from the lack of grip you get on snow, and that also results in a loss of energy because you’re working that much harder to move forward. Take your time and just enjoy it.

4) Make A Plan: Always let someone know how long you expect to run and what route you are taking. Keep your cell phone with you, and let your contact know if you are going to be longer/need to be picked up/etc.

5) Don’t Just Stand There: You must keep moving …before, during,  and after your run! Do a light warm up inside before taking off, and finish your run close to an area of warmth. As soon as you stop moving, your body temperature will drop and you will quickly develop “the chills.” Get inside, change to fresh dry clothing immediately, and drink something warm.

With all that in mind, get out, be safe,  and enjoy whatever you can of Winter!


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