Treadmill Interval Workout #1

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Life is too short to spend it on a treadmill!

However, in the dead of winter with extremely low temps, even I suppress that attitude  to get my run in!

With that said, treadmills don’t have to be boring.

Spice it up and run intervals! Test your speed, you endurance, and ignore the clock! Intervals are great because you are constantly varying your speed and don’t get a chance to be “stuck” in a steady state run. The timing of this interval is perfect as you can squeeze it into a day you are tight on time, or go over it a few times for a great workout.

Try getting through this 2-3 times and play with your incline and speed variations.
Track your progress and try again in a few days! Good luck!


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